Missing bitops.h in Fedora Core 6

I was just compiling an updated version of HTB-tools a few minutes ago then I noticed that either I forgot to make a note about removing a line from q_show.c or the addition of bitops.h is new in the latest version of HTB-tools (0.3.0a). If you don’t remove the following line in q_show.c:


the compilation process will fail with the following error:

sys/q_show.c:40:24: error: asm/bitops.h: No such file or directory

I found this on Google to explain why bitops.h is missing in Fedora Core 6.

3 thoughts on “Missing bitops.h in Fedora Core 6

  1. Thanks man.

    this file seems to be missing on Ubuntu (latest) too.

    I hope this workaround does not produce further errors 😛


  2. The link is broken now. It might be more useful to copy/paste the important part, instead of linking to something that will inevitably disappear.

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