Hello Kitty Online on Mac OS X with CrossOver

I wanted to play Hello Kitty Online (HKO) on my MacBook. I still got my Fujitsu laptop, but these days I mainly use my MacBook. Sanrio Digital, the developer of HKO, does not seem to have plans for a Mac version of HKO client any time soon (as shown in HKO’s website FAQ). I saw the The CodeWeavers Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge on one of the news websites (I forgot which), then I registered for a code on the website to receive a legit unlocked copy of CrossOver Games (CXG) for Mac.

Once CXG has been installed on OS X, grab a copy of ie6setup.exe. Create a new win98 bottle in CXG, don’t use the “Install Unsupported Software..” button as it will automatically create a winxp bottle instead. Go to the menu bar “Configure” and select “Manage Bottles..”. Click on the + button, assign a name for the new bottle, and set the “New bottle type” to “win98”. Click “Create” to proceed with the bottle creation. It will then appear on the list on the left hand side of the window. Click on the newly created bottle and go to the “Applications” tab on the right hand side, and choose “Install Software..”.

Now the installer window appears again, but this time it will not automatically create a bottle. Choose “Install Unsupported Software..” and click “Continue”, it will then ask to choose which bottle to install into, select the “Other existing bottle” and click “Continue” then “Install”. When prompted with the file window dialog, choose the ie6setup.exe. Follow the setup process until the “Finished” button becomes active.

The reason why IE6 needs to be installed is because of the HKO client requires browser component for Auto Updater, Item Mall, etc. Once IE6 has been installed into the bottle, as indicated in the “Applications” tab, there will be 2 “Installed applications”: “Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0” and “Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and Internet Tools”. If there is nothing on the Applications tab, then repeat the above steps and ensure nothing was missed/skipped.

Now to install the HKO client, click on the “Install Software..” button on the “Applications” tab. Choose the “Install Unsupported Software..”, click “Continue”, choose “Other existing bottle”, click “Continue”, and click “Install”. This time, choose the HKO installer file instead of ie6setup.exe. Follow the setup process, again up until the “Finished” button becomes active, then “Hello Kitty Online” will appear on the “Installed applications” list. To run it, choose the menu bar Programs, SanrioTown, Hello Kitty Online, Hello Kitty Online. It should start the Auto Updater and the update process commences. Now HKO is playable on Mac OS X!

Easy, huh?

Thanks a lot, CodeWeavers! 🙂

http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=6518773&postcount=138 (thanks for the hints, kkat69!)

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Online on Mac OS X with CrossOver

  1. Currently installing HKO on my mac laptop thanks to you and I am pretty sure it will work since it did for you and the awesome steps you have here! I am in AWE! I would love to publish this article on my blog for others wanting to play, I have a lot of readers/friends that aren’t aware of this at all and I was so happy to search out your site! Let me know, left my email.

    Thanks again!

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