VPS (HyperVM) initial setup

I just purchased a VPS account from a local VPS provider (using HyperVM). The first thing I was to rebuild the VPS because it has LXAdmin installed by default. I want a lightweight VPS with everything minimal.

I was excited to see some minimal OS templates on the web Control Panel. I have a Debian 4.0 UK VPS. This time I choose Ubuntu 6.06, because there are lots of Ubuntu repository mirrors in Indonesia. 🙂

Once I rebuilt the VPS with Ubuntu template, the VPS cannot be instantly ssh’d into. sshd fails to start because  udev is installed and we need to remove that. Quickly remove udev by typing the following on Command Center: apt-get -y remove udev

Once it’s removed, reboot the VPS. Voila! You should be able to login using SSH now. 🙂

No need to do mknod /dev/random c 1 8, mknod /dev/urandom c 1 9, /sbin/MAKEDEV tty, /sbin/MAKEDEV ttyp, nor /sbin/MAKEDEV pts.


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