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In case you wonder why “Add Photos” link on your Facebook Page is no longer working as expected (directs you back to your Facebook Home), I believe it’s because they have changed the way fan photos work on Facebook Pages (without informing users).

Like usual, Facebook developers are changing and implementing things quickly without updating all necessary help information to guide users with these changes.  These days bugs are easily spotted on Facebook.  It’s understandable to have bugs at their current size, but implementing changes before/without communicating these changes to users is a very stupid move.  Not to mention they never reply to (real) bug reports.

Two weeks ago, for 1 day, no one could write a comment to wall posts of the Facebook Pages.  Only comments for photos were normal.  I think I’m starting to hate Facebook, plus the fact that they have removed Profile’s boxes and tabs.  Someone should really make a good copy of Facebook when it had all the cool features.

These past 3 days I have waited for a reply from Facebook to fix or at least address fan’s “Add Photos” link issue, but I got nothing.  I need this feature to work ASAP for my marketing team, so I looked around and found a discussion link on Facebook.  Basically these people complain about the same thing, apparently this feature has been buggy since last year.

Abbey Butler‘s post on page 7 of the thread is the answer.  Thanks, Abbey! 🙂

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