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avast! AntiVirus by ALWIL Software is really good if you don’t want to spend any money for antivirus protection of your computer (Home edition is free, Professional one is not). It’s not as “heavy” and “bloated” as Norton AntiVirus yet provides the same level of protection (or even better). It’s definitely better than Norman and its so-called Sandbox technology. More antivirus companies should follow what avast! is doing. Many computer users won’t bother paying for antivirus software when they can simply download the pirated version for free. I hope ALWIL Software will keep providing avast! AntiVirus Home Edition for free.

Thanks, avast!.

2 thoughts on “avast! AntiVirus

  1. Looks alright this avast! anti-virus. I don’t need it right now because I’m using a licensed copy of Kaspersky 6. Good product in my humble opinion.

    Clamwin is another free virus-scanner. I’ve used it and recommended it to others in the past, but with clamwin your responsible yourself for what gets scanned at what doesn’t. You have to explicitly tell clamwin what to scan.
    This avast! anti-virus looks the be a better constant protection. I think I will give it a try when my current Kaspersky license expires.

  2. Indeed, last time I tried installing Clamwin, it wasn’t an always-on virus scanner. These days it’s REALLY important to have an always-on virus scanner on Windows.
    free-av.com also provides a good free AV, but its interface is not as good as avast’s.
    Unfortunately many people here in Indonesia (specifically Jakarta) still prefer to use warez version of Norton or McAfee. I don’t see how Norton is better than avast!. One thing for sure, Norton sucks because it’s getting ‘heavier’ and ‘heavier’ (bloated) to run every time they release a new version.

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